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Birkbeck College – A University that continues to change lives

The Start:

Birkbeck College, University of London, renowned for its postgraduate programmes, aimed to boost traditional undergraduate (UG) applications for the January 2024 UCAS deadline. The primary challenge lay in standing out amidst fierce competition and effectively communicating Birkbeck’s unique value proposition to attract a larger pool of qualified applicants. With a target audience consisting of prospective students in their final years of school or college, alongside their parents and influencers, the need for strategic engagement and differentiation was paramount.

The Middle: 

The campaign strategy revolved around leveraging Birkbeck’s unique selling points (USPs) and celebrating its distinguished alumni, positioning the university as a transformative force in education. Key to this approach was highlighting Birkbeck’s flexibility, offering day or evening classes, on-campus or online, allowing students to pursue higher education while balancing other commitments.

Creatively, the campaign dramatised Birkbeck’s heritage, emphasising its promise of change and the transformative impact it has had over the past 200 years. The “A university that continues to change lives” proposition was showcased through a timeline narrative, spotlighting impactful journeys of Birkbeck alumni.


Plus, we featured a part-time PG student as a StudyTuber to  add authenticity.

The End:

This campaign demonstrated continued success in Birkbeck’s strategy to engage younger audiences, achieving the highest-ever numbers of UCAS applications.

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