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ASUS Zenbook – Addressable TV

Great to see it come to life and see the spirit that we wanted shine through.

Chris Walker

Marketing Director

Incredible comes from within

ASUS is a challenger brand who very much see themselves as innovators and breakers of the mould from a technical perspective.

Our challenge was to produce a series of films for their family of low bulk laptop computers – Zenbook. Rather than produce slick product films, our videos had to portray a feeling of togetherness and individuality through technology, while having a unique and honest voice connecting to a wide spectrum of audiences.

Our 3 films show how individuals engage and enhance their unique and independent lifestyles through their use of Zenbook. The 3 scenarios are an intimate authentic view into people’s lives. But while viewers think they are seeing one thing – a young fit yogi, a dad teaching his daughter to make chutney, a milliner crafting designer hats – they are actually seeing something else – a yoga master bossing a class, a teenage entrepreneur getting her family in to help, a gender neutral person designer bespoke 3D headwear – these videos challenge people to think again about the world and redress the balance of their own unconscious stereotypes.

Age is a number…

Generation is a mindset…

What’s in a label anyway?

By not subscribing to living by the rules and instead celebrating and empowering those who dare to live differently. Our films show that Gen Zen is just a mindset that allows you do anything you set your mind to. After all, incredible comes from within.

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