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ASUS Zenbook – Incredible Campaign

ASUS continues to drive sustainability transformation and evolution and incorporates ESG as an integral part of our branding and marketing strategies.

The Start

We were tasked with increasing brand awareness over core competitors (HP, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, Samsung, Apple) across a 6 week campaign period.

The Middle 

By partnering with Finecast we could reach and build relationships with our audience (digital nomads, eco conscious, environmentally friendly, travel enthusiasts and young professionals) through addressable TV. We were also able to secure a one off 20% value add to this campaign under their newly launched Finecast+ purpose scheme. The scheme looks to incentivise brands with strong sustainability credentials and promote positive messaging and practices through their marketing. We also undertook a brand effectiveness survey.

The End

During the campaign, we received a total of 1,016,039 impressions, with 997,531 fully played completed views of the ad. This equates to an extremely high 98.18% VTR (view through rate).





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