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23rd November 2023

How the Autumn Statement impacts the Financial Services Sector

Simplified rules will enable savers to pursue the best rates more effortlessly.

We are experts in adhering to consumer duty and creating content that simplifies some of the complex messages coming out of the financial sector.

Bye to Annual Restrictions: There are five kinds of ISAs: cash ISAs, stocks & shares ISAs, Lifetime ISAs, innovative finance ISAs, and Junior ISAs. Right now, customers can decide if they want to put all of the yearly £20,000 ISA allowance into one type of ISA or spread it out among the different types. Starting in April, cash savers will have the option to open several new cash ISAs, taking advantage of better deals featuring higher interest rates. Similarly, investors will find it easier to experiment with various stocks & shares ISA providers, leading to heightened competition among financial providers.

Partial Transfers: ISA separations have become more amicable! No longer bound by the all-or-nothing transfer rule, individuals can now move a portion of their ISA balance to new pastures. It’s all about flexibility, letting you keep some funds with your current provider while exploring new opportunities.

No More Reapplying: For those ISA accounts gathering dust, there’s good news. The annual reapplication hassle is officially a thing of the past. Dormant ISAs can now stay open ready for you to resume use of the account whenever you wish.

Innovative Finance ISAs: Innovative finance ISAs (Peer-to-peer lenders matching up investors with borrowers – individuals, businesses, or property developers) are in the spotlight with an expansion of tax-free investment options. Long-term asset funds and open-ended property funds with extended notice periods will be available, offering more choices for customers to manage their money without having to pay taxes on it.

Age Unification at 18: Say goodbye to age discrepancies – Adult ISA minimum opening age will be 18 across the board so anyone age 16/17 may feel its worth opening one before April.

What still needs addressing:

  1. There are still potential plans for fractional shares to be used within ISAs.
  2. The ISA system is still in need of a digital transformation –  digital tools to help support investors.
  3. Lifetime ISA – raising the £450,00 maximum house price and avoid investors being penalised


In essence as saving returns increase, especially in cash ISAs potentially offering rates of 5% or higher, the ISA will become a much more favourable option for investment. The ability for cash savers to open multiple cash ISAs and investors to easily switch between stocks & shares ISA providers can promote a more competitive environment. Financial service providers will need to focus on innovation, customer retention, and effective marketing strategies to succeed in this changing situation.

Hunterlodge Managing Director, Kim McLellan expresses what this could mean for financial service sector.

As cash savers and investors gain the flexibility to explore new options, financial service providers will need to elevate their game. In a more competitive time, we need new ideas, focus on customers, and the ability to adapt. At Hunterlodge, we are experts in adhering to consumer duty and creating content that simplifies some of the complex messages coming out of the financial sector.


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