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30th November 2018

5 Mobile Apps To Add A Sprinkle Of Magic To Your Work/Life Balance

We’ve tried and tested the best free mobile apps to help you be more effective in your work and life

– while on the move!

IFTTT (Android, iOS: Free)
Do you find yourself wasting time with repetitive online tasks?

The app automates tasks like backing up photos to cloud accounts, messaging your friends or family if you’re out shopping, or getting your smart lights to turn themselves on when you return home from work. Check it out here

Slack (Android, iOS) 
A coordination tool that takes conventional instant messaging a step further with useful group messaging

Slack covers your IM basics with real-time messaging synced across devices. It also supports file sharing, direct and group messaging tools. Slack archives your communications, allowing you to search through old messages, channels and shared files and includes integration with a variety of services such as cloud storage, Asana, Zendesk and more. Check it out here

Tide (Android, iOS: Free)
Time management app to efface procrastination

This mindful app uses the Pomodoro Technique (a time management method that uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. Helping you to efface your procrastination and reconstruct your time schedule in an efficient way. Check it out here

Pocket (Android, iOS: Free)
Too much information? Not enough time? Save your favourite articles to read later 

Have you ever wasted too much time reading articles or links when you should be doing something else? Or saved Facebook links or Pins that you forget to read later? Pocket, is a great offline reading tool that allows you to select and save articles, pictures and videos for later viewing. Check it out here

HelloSign (Web, Android, iOS)
Never be the bottleneck of a sign-off process ever again 

Need to sign a document—or dozens of them?  HelloSign helps you sign every page that needs your signature in a few clicks. You can make template documents in HelloSign, too, so you don’t waste time in Word making new contracts and agreements every time you need someone to sign something. Check it out here


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