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29th January 2019

3 B2B Tech Tools To Bolster Your Sales & Marketing Teams

The war between sales and marketing ends here.

‘If coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, then working together is success.’ – Henry Ford 

We all know that sales and marketing must learn to work harmoniously together for your business to prosper.

So, what is stopping this from happening?

Here are a few of the main challenges that sales and marketing teams face.

Fortunately for you, you are exactly where you need to be to discover how to solve them.


Challenge #1: Information accuracy 

Sales reps are often on the road, with little access to the latest info and marketing collateral, so they use an old version saved on their desktop. Nooo (we cry!). Go to solution #1.

Challenge #2: Visibility into prospect and customer activity 

Lack of visibility into your prospect and customer activity makes it hard to see what on earth is going on. What is working to convert leads? And what needs adjusting to maximise those ever-dwindling marketing budgets? Go to solution #2.

Challenge #3: Inefficient processes 

Marketing and sales need content and creative to sell your story, educate your customers, and to portray the correct brand image. When long-winded approval processes come into play, we are at the mercy of our CEO or board to hurry up and sign-off that amazing new creative.

There must be an easier way… There is. Go to solution #3.

Our sales & marketing tech tools will not only enhance your internal processes and turbo-charge your lead generation but will also provide your sales and marketing teams with invaluable insights that allow your relationship (and business) to prosper.


Solution #1:

  • Do you spend hours searching for your sales and marketing images, videos, PDF’s and other vital documents?
  • Do you spend wasted time uploading individual images to Hootsuite, your website CMS and saving them on the correct drive?
  • Do you have trouble converting your image and video files?
  • Does your sales or marketing teams consistently use old assets that drive your legal team crazy?
  • Are you unable to access these vital documents when you are out and about on the road or working from home?
  • Are you fed up of sending documents with Wetransfer, only to have to resend them when the file expires? Again and again…?

With DAM, common problems like these are so 2018…!


DAM allows you to centralise, organise and securely share your assets with teams or individuals across the globe. With full asset control, 24/7 security monitoring, and permission-based user restrictions, DAM makes accessing the right assets easy. It is both time and cost effective, ultimately increasing the ROI of any marketing campaign, activity or individual piece of collateral.

Discover how DAM can revolutionise your business

Solution #2:

  • Do you spend hours logging into multiple social and analytics platforms to see what’s what?
    Maybe you forgot the password, it sent it to an old email address or to a past employee and you contemplated setting your laptop on fire?!
  • Does your CEO ask you for a ‘quick report’, but you and I both know that a ‘quick report’ takes a few hours to pull together?
  • Do you find it hard to look at your prospect and customer data from a holistic point of view in order to understand what’s going on? What advertising is working? What isn’t? Do I move my fading marketing budget to website SEO or to Facebook Ads?
  • Are these Ad messages resonating with my target audience? Is my target audience: ‘MY’ target audience?

Questions like these (and more) are answered within seconds, with one login to one – centralised dashboard.


Access your marketing data in one easily accessible dashboard, so you can focus on the important tasks and take a more holistic approach to your data insights.

Centralising your multi-channel marketing activity in one easily accessible dashboard gives you real-time actionable insights to maximise ROI on every campaign.

Get in touch to find out more

Solution #3:

  • Does your creative agency or internal creative team struggle to present creative to your board or stakeholders effectively?
  • Is your creative evaluation process an absolute nightmare, so much so that you actually have nightmares about meeting your tight deadline?
  • Does the creative go ‘off brief’ exploring your CEO’s mad ideas, only to waste time, money and end up back at square one, completely confused?
  • Do you struggle to gather creative feedback, track that feedback and manage feedback efficiently?

You are not alone.

That’s exactly why we have built the industry-first creative evaluation tool – LOGIC.


Our creative evaluation tool allows our clients to maintain perspective when evaluating creative work, and objectively reviews all creative work against seven dimensions that determine creative effectiveness and feedback in one easily accessible online platform.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.%20″>Get in touch to find out more


At Hunterlodge, we understand that a sales and marketing team that is: disconnected, unhappy, struggling to meet CEO’s deadlines or expectations, AND are at war with each other, will only ever lead to inefficiencies, broken systems and problems at every level.

This is exactly why we have built three effective tech tools to help solve the important business matters and enable our clients to be the best internally, as well as externally.

Give us a call or email and we’ll show you how easy it is to have a harmonious and productive team.

Life’s complicated enough; let’s work smart, not hard.

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