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4th October 2023

2 minutes with KG

Meet our new Digital Marketing Executive

KG shares his unique perspective on life, interests, and everything in between.

Kagiso Mangoale (who goes by K Godfrey or KG for short) grew up in a quiet South African town, graduating from the prestigious American International School of Lagos in Nigeria and subsequently Nottingham Trent University. He quickly realised that there was more that connects than separates people and is most alive when he engages with foreign films and TV programmes that break down prejudices.

While some see a resemblance to famous personalities like the cartoon bear, Arthur, KG embraces his unique self.

If he wrote an autobiography it would be titled, “Calm in Chaos: Finding Simple Truths In Life’s Complexities,”. And if he had to be part of a reality TV show, he’d go for “Terrace House,” a show valuing genuine human connections over manufactured drama. It would mean he could immerse himself in Japanese culture at the same time as representing African kindness authentically.

Early mornings hold a special charm for KG. The calm of dawn, coupled with the promise of a new day, energizes him. And what completes these moments? A cup of black coffee, savoured for its simplicity.

When the karaoke mic calls, KG chooses “Sweet Escape” by Gwen Stefani ft. Akon.

His culinary delight? Nando’s Quarter Leg with Peri-Peri fries – even though he doesn’t have it very often, he definitely wouldn’t get bored!

If KG could meet a historical figure, it would be Nelson Mandela. Not to glorify him, but to understand his resilience during tough times. KG wonders about Mandela’s mental strength during imprisonment and presidency, unravelling the complexities of ego, humility, and selfhood.

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