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14th August 2023

2 minutes with Adele Horn

Embracing Geekdom and Nature's Beauty

Adele’s unique blend of passions and pursuits paints a picture of a life well-lived and beautifully eclectic.

Step into the vibrant world of Adele Horn, one of our new digital media managers and an elder millennial living in the heart of Africa. Her unique blend of passions and pursuits paints a picture of a life well-lived and beautifully eclectic.

Adele is a master of contradictions, seamlessly blending her love for gaming and collecting with a deep appreciation for nature’s wonders. Her Xbox is more than just a console; it’s a partner in crime, accompanying her on countless virtual adventures. When she’s not busy conquering digital realms, she’s immersed in the real world, collecting cats, tattoos, and rocks (because rocks!).

Currently, Adele is crafting her own haven in a forest on the coast. Nestled away from the hustle and bustle, her future abode promises a Hobbit-like existence, complete with chickens and a touch of mystery that keeps the locals intrigued. With a heart that beats in tune with the rhythm of the wilderness, she’s ready to embrace the serenity of her coastal paradise.

Geekdom is Adele’s true home. Her collection of books and memorabilia from Star Trek and Star Wars paints a vivid portrait of her identity as “The Daywalker.” This title signifies her dual allegiance and unwavering dedication to both fandoms, making her a beacon of light in the ever-expanding universe of sci-fi enthusiasts.

For Adele, the moments just before sunset hold a special place in her heart. As the world around her begins to wind down, a symphony of nature plays out – birds seeking their nests, cats indulging in their playful antics, and the soothing transition from day to night. It’s a time when she feels most connected to the world around her.

Adele’s energy seems boundless, fuelled by her go-to elixir: coffee. With a love for caffeine coursing through her veins, she’s ready to embrace any challenge. Even the daunting prospect of karaoke doesn’t faze her. Her song of choice, “Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night, is a testament to her whimsical spirit.

If life came down to one meal, Adele’s choice would be sushi – a culinary delight that mirrors her eclectic tastes. Her desire to explore extends beyond gastronomy; she wishes to delve into the world of stars and science, a passion she’d fulfil by meeting the iconic Carl Sagan. His cosmic musings and love for the universe would undoubtedly spark inspiring conversations.

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